Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mexico And Mayfly, A Ritual?

So this is mt Backwinder Reel. It was a very cool product from a relatively short lived Norwegian company. As you can see, it has no center hub. It's fit and finish is unlike any other reel I have seen and has only a small drag adjustment. It looks fantastic and is silky smooth. I lined it with a Cortland 333 Classic fly line and have it on an old Innovator X-Stream fly rod until I get my Fiber Glass rod through the Fiberglass Manifesto. That will be my go to Trout setup and I cannot wait for Mayfly to kick this season off. Once again though, I needed to practice, so I did this........

It is about a 2 pound Bonefish caught in Boca Paila, Mexico. So what is so fun about a 2 pound Bonefish? When you hook up, they swin the other way, at 70Kmh. Yes 70. It is the craziest run I ever experienced. They are sleek, silver, fast and fun to fish. You have to spot them in skinny water, then cast to them and get them to take. Sounds easy, but it really isn't. As a life long trout angler, you have to resist the urge to "trout set". The long learned act of raising the rod to set the hook. For salt water fish you keep the rod tip low, and strip once the fish takes to set the hook. It takes some getting used to. I just set up the blog to allow remote posting so I will fire some May Fly photos up starting Thursday. I will have to remember to Trout Set now. Such hard work.

If you are curious, this is the Red Truck Glass rod, minus the reel of course. Can't wait.