Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The First Camp Trip - In 10 Days

The preparations are being made, and on April 25, the first official trip of the season begins. Steve F and will be on the road early on that Saturday and wiring the camp for our new small generator, and doing some prep work to get things ready for the big trip on May 5th. We will christen the new generator with a hockey game on a 19 inch TV, and a few lightbulbs instead of propane lamps.

As usual, i can't wait. My wife will tell you. The word fishing comes out of my mouth far too often. I clean and re-clean rods, reels, i organize flys. Anything to keep me connected to fishing. She puts up with it, and sometimes even humours me with it. In 10 days i will spend a night in the middle of nowhere and get some of that out of my system. Then she has to look forward to me talking about a trip less than two weeks later.

In the end, she makes sure i get my trips in and i enjoy them, which is more than enough. I have said it before, i owe her may times over. Someday, i will really will pay her back. If only she ate trout.

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