Monday, April 6, 2009

More Than Ready

The Painful Wait For An Ice Out

It is April 7. For what seems like forever, I have been waiting for the ice out. It is the annual event that signals the real start of fishing season. Sure, fishing season has been open for a week now, but open in name only really. In the last few days though, holes in ice on the local lakes has appeared. It has helped breathe new life into me as an angler. Tonight I put new line, backing, and a braided loop on my reel. I think I found the breathable waders I am going to order.

So maybe Spring finally has sprung. My wife and I talked tonight about photography trips coming soon. Everything will be good very soon.

I think I will clean my other reel and line tomorrow. The fish are almost ready, and now so am I.

1 comment:

Jack said...

Oh, this is a "Kiss Ass" post, if I ever saw one!

ps. trout=yuck :)