Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Fly A Day - Day 10

Nova Scotia Blue Upright

The Mayfly hatch is a magical period in Nova Scotia's Trout fishing season. Commonly known as the Black Quill, these flies hatch off and swarm the bushes and lakeside trees, and fill the air thick and black. It is a sight that possesses the fly fisherman here, and for a 2 week or so period, the action is almost non stop.

As a young fly angler, the brother of my best friend gave me a fly when i ran out of Black Quills. It was a Nova Scotia Blue Upright. It became the staple fly of my fly box for the mayfly. Far more consistant than the Black Quill, the Blue Upright is the fly i now use to go trophy hunting in my favourite backwoods lakes.

The key to a Blue Upright working so well over a black quill with black hackle rests in it's profile. Cast the two flies side by side, the same size pattern, and the black quill will look bigger. From below the water, it looks bigger still. The blue hackle on an upright allows light to pass through it, giving it a slimmer profile, and a more realistic look to a rising fish. I rarely use a black quill anymore, although i carry some for darker days. However the Blue Upright is Nova Scotia's premier dry fly, and a fly no one should be out the first of May fishing without.


Dry Fly sizes 12-18
Thread: Black Or Grey
Wings: Grey Duck Quill, tied Upright
Tail: Blue Dun Hackle Fibers
Body: Stripped Peacock Quill
Hackle: Blue Dun Cock Hackle

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