Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A New Look, A New Season

Shamefully, I let my blog go without an update since last year. With the new season approaching, I find myself with a yearn to go fishing. Badly. It is snowing/raining out as i type, and even though I know that is good for the Mayfly season, I just want it to stop. The new season should start now. However I will have to wait.

In the meantime, my wife did an amazing job leading a re-design of the blog. A new header, a new layout, and now it is my job to get the content back up to snuff. So I am back on it in full force. I am going to continue the saga of the Camp and the story of it's contruction and the epic trips since. I will be posting more and more fly recipes and i am going to develop my online Fly Fishing Journal to help track water temperatures, weather conditions and percipitation as it relates to the Mayfly season here.

I always thought if I wrote articles on fishing i would want to be informative and entertaining. It is my little part of the fly fishing world and hopefully, it will help some of you pass some time until the Hell of Winter ends, and the Heaven of Spring begins.

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