Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Fly A Day - Day 3

The Grey Ghost

Day 3's fly has a bit of a backstory for me. When I was 13, me and a few friends made a trip back to a lake near Halifax called Governors Lake. The day before, on a trip to my grandfathers, I was given two pill bottles with some flies to fish with my new fly rod i got for Easter. One bottle, had some wet and dry flies, the other had three streamers in it. Up early the next day, we made the long walk to Governors. Once there i set up my rod, threaded the line, and went to tie on one of my new wet flies. Only one problem. A quick look in my gear bag, and only one pill bottle. In it, three of what i found out later were called Grey Ghosts.

I caught 15 fish on my first day fly fishing on my own, all on the Grey Ghost.

Carrie Stevens of Maine first tied the Grey Ghost in 1924. A classic streamer known well by anglers in the North Eastern US and Eastern Canada, in Nova Scotia it is another great early season fly, imitating the minnows that Trout like to indulge in early in the year. Once again for me, this is a fly I always have in the box, and a fly that always sees the water on the early April trips into the stillwaters of Nova Scotia.

4x to 6x long streamer hook from a size 6 up
Thread: White 6/0 for under-body, Black 6/0 or 8/0 for tying in throat, wing, and shoulder.

Tag And Rib: Silver mylar.

Body: Orange Floss

Throat: Peacock herl, White Polar Bear, and Golden Pheasant Crest.

Wings: Two Dun hackles on each side with Golden Pheasant Crest in between.

Shoulders: Silver Pheasant with Jungle Cock eyes.

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