Monday, March 30, 2009

A Fly A Day - Day 9

The Ginger Quill

Well it is day 9 of my fly a day until the start of the season. With less than two days to go, it is snowing. I am not one to try the season much on the first day, but snow is not what i was looking for. I could pick a bright side and argue how it will help with water levels in the early season, but rain will too. Anyway, this fly has a bit of a back story i can write on a snowy pre-season night.

We were at our camp, towards the end of the may fly hatch. After an early rise and breakfast in the pale light of dawn, we hit the lake early. Trout were already active, and fly were on the water naturally. A Blue Upright, the best dry fly in Nova Scotia for me, caught nothing. Not even a raise. Same for an Adams. Same for a black fly. For lack of other options, i tied on a fly i use in the late June Brown Drake hatch. The Ginger Quill. I had no reason to think it would work, but for the next hour, it did just that. The interesting thing is it only has results for me in May in early morning fishing on clear days. Once the sun breaks fully over the horizon, it is done. It is another regular in my flybox for fishing from early season to July.


Hook: Dry Fly size 12-16
Thread: Black
Tail: Ginger Cock Hackle Fibers
Body: Natural Peacock Quill
Wings: Brown Duck Quill
Hackle" Ginger Cock Hackle

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