Monday, March 23, 2009

A Fly A Day - Day 2 of 10

The Picket Pin

Like the Adams, the Picket Pin is all about versatility. It was first tied by Jack Boehme of Montana as a drowned Stonefly imitation. However it's uses extend beyond that. It can tied larger and fished as a streamer, or even add a deer wing and fished dry. In Nova Scotia it is a particularily good early season fly fished as a nymph in stillwaters and streams as a case building Caddis fly larvae.Those larvae build cases from old leaves, rocks and twigs, to blend in with their surroundings. The Picket Pin draws from those natural colours and odd shapes to give a good imitation of those.

The great thing about the Picket Pin is I have caught flies all season long on them. I carry them in sizes 12 and 14, and also on a number 8 and 10 streamer. Another all purpose fly with a proven history of catching fish in Nova Scotia.


Hook: Mustad 9671
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: Brown Hackle Fibers
Body: Peacock Herl
Body Hackle: Brown
Wing: Grey Squirrel Tail


Anonymous said...

I love the banner at the top of your blog. Did you make it? Maybe you can tell me what is in the picture. Love the blog, the Camp Is Made Of Wood Stories are a riot.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i should have left my name.

Thanks again

Tom Cole - Halifax